Data to support climate and flood hazard projects in Mattapoisett, MA and surrounding areas

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BBNEP Floodplain Expansion with Sea level Rise Study Results

Mattapoisett flood plain expansion with sea level rise draft report

Flood plain expansion report Appendix A Maps

Mattapoisett data sets (Shapefiles for above report and maps.)

Google Earth file showing Flood Plain expansion Scenarios

Google Earth file showing largest structure location on each parcel

Eel Pond West Channel Information

Webpage: Eel Pond restoration / sewer line vulnerability issue

   Data: BBNEP GIS coverages of channel created for this page.

   Data: John Rockwell's 1951-2012 shoreline change at the west entrance based on available imagery

   Data: GPS data of likely sewer line positions estimated from a June 2005 ground penetrating radar survey.

Other Useful Links and Data

SeaPlan study for New Bedford area

MassGIS LiDAR data sets

MassGIS municipal parcel data sets (level 3 parcel geodatabases with linked assessor's data)

MassGIS 2013 Hurricane Surge (SLOSH) shapefiles for Massachusetts (surge areas for category 1-4 hurricanes striking the coast of MA).